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Captain Africa
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Youtube: CaptainAfrica (EpicImpotence)
MyAnimeList: PrincessGuardian
Steam: CaptainAfrica

For full animation shorts, see here:…

Here is my Patreon! Don't be afraid to donate, even a dollar would be appreciated:

While I am not literally *starving* yet it is difficult for me to balance a normal working life (and hold down 40 hr grinds) due to my overactive imagination, depressive spells etc.! Hopefully your help will help me delay becoming a street artist for at least a few weeks in the future...

I'm a lazy ass wageslave (2017 graduate)that don't do shit in real life, I just daydream do proletariat job and do muh artsy shit and dump them onto here, Youtube and Newgrounds
~5.5 yrs experience in Flash, ~2 years working in ToonBoom Harmony. I started using SmoothDraw in summer 2014, Krita late 2016. I've worked almost every day for Sept. 2013 to August 2015 and have always at least drawn regularly. My black and white sketches are usually just done with normal pencil and paper.

Drawing and flat out daydreaming of stories has always been a passion of mine. I probably drew more anime/manga stuff regularly since high school which means maybe 8+ years by now. Animation seemed to me as an ideal form of creative work as it requires tremendous patience even with talent, and since for the most part you get out what you put in.

Overall artists can't make much money at all unless working for a big company, and I didn't get an art degree either hehe.

Heroines by the years:
2009-2011: Rhyme (Hazel hair and eyes)
2011-2012: Hanabi Holbeck (black hair and grey eyes)
2011-2013: hard Homura fanboy (from Megucas)
2012-2013: May Sinker (messy blue-black hair, yellow eyes)
2012-2014: Zusa Karasu (Twintails, red eyes, red flames)
2014-: Maira Snow (white-silver hair, purple eyes, thick eyelashes)
2017-: Nila Straese (curly short black hair, vampire eyes)

If you want to look for any of my novels in the future, see Legend of Shade, Tales of Quinity, and Zusa's Misadventures.

Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Classical, J-Pop, Video Game
Favourite style of art: Anime/manga, Abstract, Surrealism
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: My mind, PC
Wallpaper of choice: waifu
Skin of choice: Fragile epidermis
Favourite cartoon character: Yang Wenli (muh democracy), Oskar von Reuenthal (the feelz) Girls -- Rem (Re:Zero), Miuna Shiodome (NagiAsu), Kyoko Sakura (Madoka)
Personal Quote: "Andy, your iceberg is completely submerged. It's touching hell; that's how deep it is."


Miss the past pretty badly. Been around a year since college graduation and this year has been one of the worst of my life. 11th and 12th grades despite the depression, boredom of teenage years I could go home every day and play freaking Lost Saga, even if that game had its issues, even if I raged at it I was interested enough in it to have fun, damn it, and I had both online and real life friends there. I still had much more social interaction at school than in work.

Getting security card guard soon to get more job opportunities. (although that cost additional money) Probably will suck less than being hunched over and staring at boring shit on a screen, although the pay is lower. I don't have to do much fighting at all as you just stand there watching for suspicious things according to training. Krinkels (creator of Madness Combat) started his work as a security guard, although I dunno if he still has any day jobs now. When he releases his game it should give him more income though while I can't guarantee the same even if I get published.

Please donate to my Patreon! Need money, hah...

I'm not so much sure about whether or not I regret playing Smite and SC2 (and TERA) from 2014-2016, I did spend a good amount of time on them but didn't end up enjoying them as much as I did with LS. Smite had its MOBA issues and I just wasn't grindy enough to fully appreciate SC2 I guess. Overall was less depressed than I was in high school, but at the same time didn't enjoy my friendships in college as much either (of course part of that being because everyone just has less time).

Overall 2013, 2015-2016 were the worse stretches during those moments, but on average I don't think they were as bad as it was dealing with the average workweek and crappy Sunday evening feels. Animation, art and writing really is my coping mechanism for life in general and without it it's tough to function no matter how much I get paid from work. I suppressed so much hauling my ass to corporate buildings.

Fourth reread and more editing of my work is going well so far, had a decent stuff to add in as well. Overall it's still not going to read like a normal book though. I guess the last edits I was still unsure where to edit, maybe it just takes many times to be familiar enough with the work to improve it. New animation isn't going to be here anytime soon, I started it in late May.

Also have a more proper plan B if Shade doesn't publish or make much money, finished that novel in late May. Probably still overall going to edit a bit more though it's weight off my chest and another work of mine that I'm more proud of. Overall if I had more focus, ideas it would've been done by the end of last year.

Finished Iliad reread and the Witchwood Crown. Comments... Iliad has a lot of surprising animal metaphors during the fighting and Greek gods are still crazy. As for the Witchwood Crown I got quite into it, didn't realize how much I missed reading due to work. Favorite characters are Nezeru, Jarnulf, and Unver, even if Unver didn't get as much time on the pages. Simon and Miriamele seem a bit boring old ass, and Morgan was well-written and realistic. I also read the Heart of What Was Lost last year but it was pretty short though.

Norns have slavery but apparently the mortals don't? Realistically those in medieval times peasants labored in shitty conditions too though. (Serfs vs slaves?) and I'm pretty sure many cultures had slaves? Overall the mortals seem too "peaceful" to be realistically humans, but this also makes them look good compared to the Norns. 

I guess I had to realize to be authentically just honest with myself... In 2016 even though I generally did well enough in the law and legal classes my heart and mind were in my own fantasy worlds, even if those had their own shortcomings. It's a very strange way to put it. Still in 2017 I thought that the job wouldn't kill me as bad as it did but it turned out that if I kept it up for another few months I would've been squeezed dry.

It's likely that I'll never be neurotypical so that means jobs are going to kill me on the inside until I can make more sustainable income writing someday...
  • Listening to: Madoka OST in my head again
  • Reading: who knows soon?
  • Watching: Mahou Shoujo Site
  • Playing: SC2
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.
Shade Hanabi and Maira 2018
Aside from needing improvements w/ the clouds, Maira's hair might also be too messy huh. Oh well, still much better than my effects in 2014-2015. Think adding too much in the background would have cluttered it.
Sucked enough at the job. Last day is Wednesday, then need to find new one. Hopefully I can get around the same or higher hourly rate without having to burn myself out on boring work.

I want to say that it's just the job and that it's possible to find a better one but still it sucks... Looking back on the past 8 months besides the 2 weeks off being free, I haven't found a decent balance at all even after cutting down a lot on gaming (and play Magic a lot less since February too), not with writing, animating, or drawing, and my sleeping patterns aren't good either, although I didn't get a second insomnia attack yet. I haven't been able to balance a social life outside of Magic. I don't know if there's a trick to enjoying the job at all either. So I don't look forward to grinding this out for another 40 years even if I eventually get raises or more vacation time. Compared to my 4 years of college (including all of the depressive spells) the working grind sucks -- even the worst days were probably overall more productive than the average grind from Mon. thru Fri... I don't think it really helps me improve as a person either, overall it means less social interaction as well as having to sit in front of a screen.

I just want to relax a bit when unemployed. It has been hard for me to do so Friday through Sunday to be honest (since that's when I can also put in the brunt of writing, drawing etc. and Fri. night/Sat morning I am still trying to recover from coffee), even though I usually don't have that many chores. Parents haven't yelled at me that much. Maybe I go volunteer more.

Played some EDH and Smite the last weekend. I guess Smite is more convenient since real life interaction is more draining. Maybe I could be more extroverted if I was more shallow somehow. Still was too lazy to try out the new gods in Smite, although the ones I use might be outdated... Matchmaking is still overall mediocre and I get problematic teams more than awesome teammates usually.

Finished Violet Evergarden. Not actually that bad but still pretty cheesy overall. I liked the older brother, Diethard was a badass vs Gilbert. Also surprised the enemies didn't have their own combat doll to fight against Violet, that would be cliche but also realistic. Not looking forward to that many shows atm though. I keep up w Attack on Titan manga as well although monthly waits do kinda suck. Also watched Fate/Zero for the 5th time and still overall like it. Maybe I will rewatch Rose of Versailles which I originally watched in 2014, even though it had its corny parts it was still one of the better shows I found -- I am still going through my rewatch of LoGH.

Didn't really get to meet anybody that seemed really into the work, but I guess that's just the nature of corporations now. I guess in Japan there is more of a drinking culture but it also means longer hours and more conformity.

Still remember 6 years ago I was hooked onto LS and burning with love for Homura (random insomnia then as well and also throwing additional hours on Grief Syndrome), and could just pass time so easily with friends, both in person and online... My drawings were pretty mediocre back then and writing floundered outside of stupid fanfics, but school was much better than the 40 hour grinds. Unless I discover a really damn good game that also gives me a lot of enthusiasm to play it in general we won't be coming close to that stretch.

This really pushes me to reach out and try for publication, although that's another tall task and it takes a while to publish even after finding a willing publisher. I was more uneasy about it after graduating in June of last year, but the more I think about it there's not that much room for me to operate and truly rearrange what I created... I still feel proud in a sense and should go into some editing soon with more confidence. It's unlikely I'll get much more from Patreon unfortunately, although I changed the rewards.

I'll likely never be able to do my best quality with writing, animation unless I can somehow quit the 40-hour grinds (and although my art is still decent I would be able to produce better stuff with a more flexible schedule, although I did put effort into my most recent works), or I'll have to rearrange my formatting entirely. Looking back I'm still slightly disappointed regarding my creations from 2015-mid-2017, but I can't say I didn't try -- work was as lame as I thought after all and it's probably better to burn out following a dream, just like Rider. 2016 was probably my worst stretch, although I got a bit too hedonistic in 2017 and 2015 had its own issues too (although I didn't let anxiety swallow me up completely like in 2013)

We're running down the final stretch with a Plan B as well which hopefully might serve as a backup. Originally I made a spin off/prequel series in 2015 but after a while I figured out it really wasn't going anywhere. This one is a reboot of Zusa from way back in 2013 (and up to mid 2014 I wasn't even supposed to put it on hiatus in the first place) and took way too long (started May 2016), but better late than never for me as always. Unlikely that I'll actually make a longer animation regarding the series though.

  • Listening to: Madoka OST in my head again
  • Reading: Iliad, Witchwood Crown
  • Watching: Mahou Shoujo Ore
  • Playing: with little girls
  • Eating: random food
  • Drinking: water to wash it all through ._.


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